Psychic & Mediumship

Apryl Nicole ServicesApryl Nicole is both a psychic and a medium. As a psychic, she makes a soul-to-soul connection with spirit reliant on energy, in order to receive information on your past, present, and future. Besides being a psychic, she is both a Mental Medium and a Trance Medium.

Being a Mental Medium, Apryl uses clairvoyance when connected to spirit. Receiving pictures, banners of words, and still frame movies she is able to see what the spirit is effectively trying to communicate. As a Clairaudient, she is also able to hear spirit as they talk. It would be similar to translating another language. It is as if spirit is speaking French, while Apryl is speaking English, but she is able to understand enough to relay messages.

As a trance medium, Apryl takes on the energy of the spirit, picking up body ailments. Feeling their aches and pains in life, or towards their passing, she is able to validate the information and release that energy from herself.

When receiving a reading, you do not need to bring tangible items to your session. Connecting directly to the energy and soul of your loved ones in spirit, she will mediate between you and spirit without earthly possessions. Relying on evidential psychic mediumship, you may experience physical ailments, character traits, and shared memories as evidence of the connection.

How can you prepare your session?

Prior to your appointment, say a prayer for your loved one in spirit. With gratitude, kindly request their presence during your session. You must expel your ego and release expectations. Enjoy your session with your loved one in spirit and remember that skepticism is not appreciated and in fact hinders the connection.

Animal Communication

Apryl Nicole Animal CommunicationAs an animal communicator, Apryl Nicole uses her diverse abilities to bridge a connection between pets and their owners. During her featured segment, on Nat Geo Wild, Apryl helped bridge a connection between Andre Milan and his dog, Sugar. Many animal owners consider their pets as children; therefore, a strong bond is formed. Although it is important to understand that you have a connection with your living pet, grieving the loss of a pet is just as important. Many times, grieving a pet can be as emotionally difficult as grieving the loss of a family member, or friend. On many occasions, pet owners face the difficult decision of purring their beloved pet down to rest. The process leaves the owner guilt-stricken and with doubt. At this time, Apryl helps bridge the gap between you and your pet. She offers a sense of closure through her communication. Besides working with pets and their families, Apryl Nicole also works with many animal rescue organizations to assist an Animal Behavioral Specialist. As an animal communicator, she is able to envision the type of environment that best suit the needs of the animal.

Events & Group Sessions

Apryl Nicole Group Sessions & EventsApryl Nicole travels nationally, as well as internationally delivering messages from spirit to live audiences and small private groups. She has delivered messages from loved ones in spirit from a multitude of platforms; including, live events, comedy shows, corporate events, celebrity parties, and small private family groups. Besides home readings, mediating on stage is fun and engaging for all audience members. While using a comedic style, Apryl delivers these messages from spirit to her audience believing that comedy is a healthy way to provide healing. Although everyone in the audience is apart of the process, not everyone will receive their own reading. Instead, you may be drawn to a particular message and find some similarities between your own experiences and the experiences of other audience members. Spiritual messages are brief but incredibly impactful and detail oriented.

Development Workshops

If you are a psychic or a medium, want to understand what you are experiencing or perhaps you are not sure how to control your abilities, and want to hone in on your craft, then join Apryl Nicole as she mentors you through this process. Whether you are a skilled psychic medium and would like to strengthen your abilities, or you have NEVER connected to spirit in your life this is the perfect workshop for you. Learn to become a psychic and/or medium. The focus of Apryl Nicole’s workshops will include: 

  • Power of Connection
  • Understand Your Clair’s
  • Know Your Symbolism
  • Learn to Trust Your Gut
  • Answers to Your Why’s
  • Your Spirit Team

If you are already, working with your abilities and looking to strengthen your craft or you are interested in learning platform mediumship this is for you!

  • Strengthen Your Evidence
  • How to Deliver an Impactful Message
  • Platform Etiquette 101
  • How to Work with an Audience
  • Turn a No into a Yes 
  • Work with Confidence

Apryl Nicole has been mentoring students for the past five years and now has students who are working professionally in the spiritual industry. When teaching classes, her style is fun-filled and involves exercises that push you past your comfort zone in order to hone in on your true connection to spirit. She hosts many one-day workshops around the nation and internationally but offers a 5-week course twice a year. Most classes sell out quickly, so please book in advance.

Apryl Nicole Developmental Workshops
Apryl Nicole Developmental Workshops
Apryl Nicole Developmental Workshops

Home/Business Cleansing & Blessings

Cleansings clear any unwanted energy in an area and replaces it with a more positive pleasant energy. The home or office has the ability to entrap unhealthy vibrations such as anger, depression, frustration or stress, creating an uncomfortable and dis-harmonious environment. By cleansing and blessing the home or office it allows for a fresh start and adds a sense of sacredness.