Smokey Quartz Sphere


Crystals spheres are a perfect representive for the never ending cirlce of healing energy.

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In the metaphysical world, smoky quartz resonates with the base and solar plexus chakras and is associated with the zodiac signs of capricorn and scorpio and the elements of earth and air. It should bring to mind calmness and serenity, stability, practicality, pride, intuition and optimism. It is an excellent protective and grounding stone. Wearing it, keeping it nearby and/or meditating with it has a detoxifying effect, on all levels. It is claimed to lift negativity and depression, disperse fear, relieve anxiety and stress, promote emotional calmness, encourage positive thoughts that then lead to positive action, alleviate suicidal tendencies, dispel nightmares and manifest happy dreams in their place, and sharpen concentration and assist those who suffer with difficulties in communication. This crystal clearly has something to offer nearly anyone and makes an excellent addition to any crystal collection.

Aside from the aforementioned benefits, smoky quartz brings to the table a range of healing properties in terms of physical healing of the body. It is often used by crystal healers to counter negative effects stemming from radiation, including exposure to medical radiation, radioactive materials, chemotherapy and even sunburn. It is also used to relieve tension of the back and shoulders, headaches, muscle cramps and chronic pain. Smoky quartz is believed to be particularly useful in treating ailments of the hips, legs and abdomen and to benefit the muscle and nerve tissues and reproductive system. It is also claimed to regenerate the bronchi in the lungs and protect the pulmonary tracts as a whole. In addition to these benefits, smoky quartz offers all of the healing properties that clear quartz provides. Consequently, for example, it may be used in treatments of the kidneys, pancreas, adrenal glands and other organs of the body functioning in elimination to aid in the removal of toxins.-

*All crystals are cleansed in infused with positive energy and affirmations by Apryl Nicole Psychic Medium prior to shipping. Crystals may vary in weight, color, and markings as they are naturally grown and there are no crystals that are exactly alike.

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