Let’s Get Lit- Mini Cleansing Kit


Let’s Get Lit mini cleansing kit is designed to turn your frown upside down.

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In this mini cleansing kit, you will find a sage bundle wrapped with a citrine to enhance financial security and create abundance, along with matches and a feather for wafting. This kit will assist in purifying any negative or dense energy from your sacred space and replace it with clear positive energy.

Cleansings clear any unwanted energy in an area and replaces it with a more positive pleasant energy. The home or office has the ability to entrap unhealthy vibrations such as anger, depression, frustration or stress, creating an uncomfortable and dis-harmonious environment. By cleansing and blessing the home or office it allows for a fresh start and adds a sense of sacredness

contents: Sage Bundle, Citrine, Matches, Feather, and Kit Bag

*All crystals are cleansed in infused with positive energy and affirmations by Apryl Nicole Psychic Medium prior to shipping. Crystals may vary in weight, color, and markings as they are naturally grown and there are no crystals that are exactly alike.

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