Don’t Hate Meditate- Chakra Stones


Chakra stones are colored gemstones that assist in creating the balance of the mind, body, and spirit.

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Many energy workers suggest the human body has seven main energy centers called chakras. Chakras are described as “whirling disks of light”, and each chakra radiates a specific color and energy. Chakra stones are colored gemstones that resonate with those energy centers. These stones are useful in bringing balance & focus to the mind, body, & spirit when placed on the corresponding chakra.

contents: 7 Chakra Stones: Crown- Clear Quartz, Third Eye- Amethyst, Throat- Sodalite, Heart- Adventurine, Solar Plexus- Carnelian, Sacral- Red Jasper, Root- Tiger Eye, Palo Santo, Kit Bag

*All crystals are cleansed in infused with positive energy and affirmations by Apryl Nicole Psychic Medium prior to shipping. Crystals may vary in weight, color, and markings as they are naturally grown and there are no crystals that are exactly alike.

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