Shamanic Group Healing

Zoom Shamanic Group Healing

18+ ONLY


Aloha! This intensive group healing is a transitional opportunity for those who are ready for self-transformation. This healing opportunity is limited to only 6-8 people. As a Shamanic Healer, Apryl works with a very indigenous and primal form of energy in correspondence with your ancestors, medicine healers, and loved ones in the spirit world.

During this healing exchange, you may experience a multitude of raw intrinsic emotions and body sensations, that resurfaces deep-rooted unresolved psychological energy that has been put into dormancy during times of survival mode.

In this safe sacred space Apryl along with your ancestors, walk you through your personal healing process. You will have an opportunity to express yourself in any way this healing is intended to be released. What is commonly experienced is a physical release of energy through coughing, yawning, and purging. This process looks different for everyone.

There is a week-long preparation guide that is emailed to you 7 days prior to this healing session. You are required to journal and alter your food consumption during this preparation phase.