The Importance of Spiritual Development

The Importance Of Spiritual Development

Why it’s important to put in the many, many hours of psychic & mediumship development before working with the public.

1.) YOU CAN DO MORE DAMAGE than good if you have not perfected your craft. Even though this work is constantly evolving, you need to have a stable foundation to serve your clients when assisting them on their life path. Hone it, master it, and then share it!

2.) Can you be a proper space holder for someone who is in a deep state of grievance or is struggling with their mental health? Take the initiative to become trauma-informed. Do your diligence to seek out classes and workshops that can provide you with the tools to be the right guidance your client and the spirit world needs from you.

3.) It’s important to understand protection by setting healthy boundaries? Understanding duality and protection is extremely important. You have an obligation to protect yourself and your client. Practicing in a controlled environment with a mentor who holds space will give you the boundaries to grow. This also goes alongside knowing your spirit team! Do you know who your gatekeeper is?

4.) Understand your symbolism! If you don’t know what you are interpreting how do you know what you are truly conveying from spirit. You are the representative for spirit. The story of spirit is extremely important to the ones left behind. Make sure you get it right. A misinterpretation can cause a person to regress in their healing process.

5.) Do not set yourself or your client up for failure. Stop with the instant gratification- the “look what I can do” mentality. This profession is just as important as being a licensed therapist, physiologist, or life coach. For many people you are their last hope for healing. Understand the importance of their mental health. Because you have taken a handful of development classes does not give you the proper qualifications to work on a professional platform.

6.) “Heal yourself to free yourself!” Do your own personal healing before you attempt to heal others.