Spiritual Rainbows

As spiritual beings, we should be blending our colors, like rainbows, working harmoniously to create extravagant paintings, across the sky. Taking an empty canvas and making it into this consilient array of beauty. Each spiritual being radiating their own color, some red, orange, yellow, green, and purple. But often some colors will try too hard to glare brighter, and larger than others out of ego, disrupting the peace. Their color begins to bleed into the others like a poison only creating darkness. But soon spirit will restore balance and humble, those who allow their colors to interrupt those around them.  

Rainbows collaborate, and support each other stretching high across the sky, for all to experience their brilliance. Each rainbow spreading much love and light, guiding others to do the same. Be as I am, live what you preach. -Apryl Nicole Psychic Medium

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