Speaking the Animal Language

As an animal communicator, I feel we are all part of the animal kingdom and we all communicate differently, but we can learn to communicate together by making a soul-to-soul connection. This is achieved by using our telepathic and empathic abilities.

Typically, animals communicate with each other through body language, scents, sounds, and other behaviors. Humans, on the other hand, communicate with one another through verbal communications, body language, or means, such as technology and social media. The three common forms of communication between our two species are telepathically, empathically, and clairvoyantly.

Communicating telepathically

Communicating telepathically is like having a conversation with a person, but it’s a conversation between the minds or like sharing thoughts.  For example, I can look at my dog Maverick and telepathically send him a thought to go lay in his bed and he will go and do it.

Communicating empathically

Communicating empathically is like sharing emotions or feelings. There is also physical empathy, where you can feel the comforts or discomforts of the animal.  For example, you may experience aches and pains in your joints when you are in the presence of a dog that has bad hips or knees.

Communicating Clairvoyantly

Another way to communicate is clairvoyantly, which is the receiving of visions such as picture; still frame movies, or banners of words. For example, your pet may share clairvoyantly a vision of a park expressing their interest in going.

Creating the language

Seeking an animal trainer will help to create the bond and language between you and your pet. At the very least, you should know the basic commands. It would also help if you were familiar with particular breed types in order to have a basic understanding of breeds and the associated temperaments. Boxers, for instance, are part of the working group and require a lot of work and exercise. They are high energy and you may sense your dog’s energy rising in a moment of spontaneous excitement. Boxers are also known to suffer from heart conditions; you may experience heart reactions in your own body from the energy of your pet.

How can you connect to your pets that are now in spirit?

By using all the same techniques we previously discussed, but adding one get component – TRUST. I am a firm believer that we are all God’s creatures and we all go to heaven. When you cross to the other side, there is no longer a communication barrier between human and animal. They communicate the same way that people communicate. We also have to keep in mind that animals are very simple-minded, which always makes their messages straight and to the point.

Communicating with an animal may be beneficial for those who are in the animal service industry or for those who really want to create an everlasting bond with their pet.  Understanding your pet can make the relationship between the two of you special and a whole lot easier.