Six Ways to Blossom Into Your Soul’s Purpose

#1 Pull the Weeds– Drop the drama. There comes a point in our lives where we have to wise up and realize that drama is not serving our souls. Within every garden you may find a few weeds sprout up, but knowing when to pluck them will be vital to your growth. Creating boundaries in your life will help maintain healthy relationships. You will always have the choice on whether or not they will play an active role in your life. Do not engage with those who gossip and pass judgement. Learn to let go.

#2 Maintaining the Soil– Meditate and focus on your root chakra. Take 15 minutes to meditate so you can ground and re-center yourself – no matter how busy the day may seem. It is important that you process your anxieties and stresses – allowing yourself to feel them, validate them, and then give them back to the earth. Carrying the weight of daily life will lower your vibration, making it hard to connect to your higher self and true potential.

#3 Planting and Watering the Seeds– Healthy affirmations. Goal set – make a list of things you would like to accomplish within the year. Take your shovel, plant those seeds, and watch the universe do its magic. The universe will provide you with the tools to get started, but it is up to you to water and follow through. After all the universe is not an enabler. You will still need to earn it and work hard for it.

Do not get discouraged if your buds have not blossomed as quickly as the flower next to you. That does not make you a failure. Put your trust in the divine timing and understand that beauty has a process.

#4 Plenty of Sun Light– Quality Time. Make sure you take (at the very least) 2 hours a week to dedicate just to yourself. I’m not talking about using that time to get caught up on chores or work. I’m talking about quality one on one time – just you connecting with your heart. Take a walk on the beach – digging those toes into the sand – or just get out into nature listening to the earth sounds. Treat yourself to a relaxing message, or simply turn on some tunes and enjoy a cup of tea.  Re-charge with love and light.

#5 Grow and Blossom– Always strive to be a better person. Give more than you take. Being a giver also comes with the occasional taker or people who may seem prickly and thorny. That is the norm in life and where you gain life experience and develop a strong sense of self. Growing pains are natural. Allow yourself to experience them and learn from them.

Blossoming comes from giving back. Incorporate things you are passionate about. Do you love animals, people, or nature? Volunteer your time to an animal or homeless shelter, or maybe create a community garden. You will feel your heart blossom with gratitude. But always remember – It can be a thankless job, so allow your gratitude to fulfill you.

#6 Every Flower Is Beautiful– Stop comparing. We are all unique with our own set of individual talents – each talent having something special to offer. There are no two soul flowers or journeys alike. Success should not be measured by fame and fortune. Respect individuality and trust in your path. All Organic! Be your authentic self! Leave no room for ego to creep in to tell you you’re not good enough. Have confidence and embrace each flower as it blooms.

“A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.” -Zen Chin

Maintaining these steps will allow your soul to grow like wild flowers! Good luck and happy gardening!

Apryl Nicole Psychic Medium