A Tribute to my Grandma Flo

Today, after 24 hours of no sleep, I watched the sunrise into a new day and watched the sunset from your eyes into a new life. There is no one else on this planet like you. The family Queen who treated all her children, grandchildren, and even great grandchildren like diamonds, each one just as precious and valuable as the other. I have learned so much from your gentle, kind heart. You were admired by so many, everyone so eager to be in your presence. You brought joy to people’s lives with a simple smile and soothing to the soul with a soft touch. Doctors and nurses did not look at you as a patient, but as their friend. Those who barely knew you wish they could have had more time. I will always be that little girl sitting on the bathroom floor watching you put sponge curlers in your hair and asking you a million questions as to how you got your hair so white. Law & Order and Grey’s Anatomy will never be the same without you. Now I have to admire the handsome men under my breath and pretend they are not attractive.  Lol

For Easter I bought you a Portlandia plant with beautiful, white flowers blooming. Today, the very last flower fell to the floor, signifying that you have taken your last step here with us. I know with every flower there is a seed and when that seed of life ascends, a new life in spirit begins. I hope you are enjoying your reunion with grandpa, Uncle Steven, and Sandy. Thank you for the wonderful signs that you have given us to let us know you made it. We will miss you so much here, but we know you will always be with us – guiding and celebrating everyday. I love you grandma! (Love you babes)

Florence Desierto 1928-2015