4 Ways to Sabotage Your Reading

By Apryl Nicole Psychic Medium

  1. Expectations – If you are going into a reading with a high level of expectations, you may create blockages for the reader or you may miss valuable messages. Some go into a reading expecting to hear very specific information and when those specifics are not delivered, they are no longer listening to the messages being presented. All messages are a gift from your loved one in spirit. Be open and receptive to all the information they have to share.
  2. Telling your reader too much – Giving your reader your life story prior to your reading can influence your session. Refrain from telling too much. The information that is brought forward from your reader should be pure and authentic, not influenced by what you have already given.
  3. Not validating – Holding back validation may slow down the flow of energy. Never leave your reader hanging. A simple yes, no, or I don’t know would be sufficient. Most readers can push through even without validation, but validation makes it a fun, enjoyable, interactive session.
  4. RELAX – You have nothing to worry about. It is up to the reader to make you feel at ease and comfortable (I always start a session with a breathing exercise to help relax my clients and raise vibration). Readings are supposed to be for healing, closure, and growth. Remember that you have the right to end a session at any time if you are not feeling comfortable with the service.

So, let go of those expectations and experience all that spirit has to offer!